This great meeting, at the great Sogeti, starts with a contest.

Everybody signed up at Kahoot! to answer 10 questions about christmas and/or Sogeti.

I, the chairman of SAST Öresund, missed the 5 first questions. That was, of course, the reason to why I did not win. 😉

The three persons who got the highest score got a gift from Sogeti.

A nice start to a nice meeting.

Up next was Johan Hoberg… who talked about how to build a QA mindset. Johan used his own team, at King, as a positive example on how to inject a QA mindset in his team of developers and designers.

The food was awesome. I think almost every single one went for at least two portions. Some actually ate three! Satisfied customers. 🙂

After the foood, Peter Hauschulz took the scene and talked about security testing. He also demonstrated – which was great fun, to actually SEE how some basic things are done.

Link to Peters’ presentation.
Peter Hauschulz PP

SAST Öresund Q4 at Sogeti